To recompense the community and increase the sustainability of the project, there will be strong Staking rewards to those holders that stake their $LITT tokens in order to obtain more $LITT tokens. The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) will be calculated based on the amount of users and the rewards per time.

The tab shows the rewards that will be distributed between the stakers during a total of 54 months:

PRE-STAKING BOX (for elegible investors)

In order to reduce the selling pressure from private rounds, a 3% of the tokens (a total of 1,050,000,000 LITT) will be allocated into a staking box distributed between the whitelisted investors from these rounds, with a vesting of 36 months. This will incentive the private round investors to keep $LITT tokens staked as long as possible.

The private investors will be only elegible for the STAKING BOX if they block the total of tokens received, once they unstake any amount of tokens from the whitelisted wallet, they will be no longer elegible for it.

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